New Group Is Looking for Teachers for Sustainable Lifestyle Classes at Youngstown

Seattle Farm SchoolA new series of classes for folks interested in sustainable living is starting up.  West Seattle resident Katie Stemp is looking for teachers to begin a series of sustainable classes (at affordable rates) at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center.  Katie says she is the founder of Seattle Farm School and is dedicated to preserving the home arts and growing our community in sustainable practices through affordable classes.
Seattle Farm School is  going to be starting classes in mid November at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center (same location as the Tool Library).  They are trying to gather teachers from our community who are skilled in a series of subjects and interested in teaching one or many classes.  Here are the subjects Seattle Farm School is interested in offering as classes for folks in our community to sign up for:
  1. Cooking:
    1. Canning and food preservation,
    2. cooking, baking bread,
    3. cheesemaking,
    4. desserts – pies, cookies, cakes,
    5. homebrew, fermenting;
  2. Gardening:
    1. Gardening techniques,
    2. garden planning,
    3. seed saving,
    4. growing from seed,
    5. backyard chickens,
    6. seasonal gardens,
    7. bartenders garden,
    8. green roofs,
    9. permaculture – growing the most organic food for the least effort,
    10. alternative energy sources for your home – solar, wind
  3. Sewing & Needle Work:
    1. Basic & advanced sewing,
    2. quilting,
    3. embroidery,
    4. costume making,
    5. crochet,
    6. knitting
  4. Arts & Crafts:
    1. Painting,
    2. jewelry making,
    3. drawing,
    4. wood carving,
    5. leather work,
    6. candlemaking,
    7. recyclable art and whatever else we can come up with!

Individuals interested in participating should contact Katie Stemp at 206-218-4948, or by email at or Seattle Farm School at  Or, check out their FaceBook page at


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