Seattle Audubon Creates Interactive City Tree Map; Help By Adding Trees

explore_tree_mapSeattle Tree Map Now Online and Interactive 

After years of hard work and dedication from volunteers and staff, the Seattle Tree Map officially launched on March 1, 2014. The Seattle Tree Map is an interactive website that allows users to contribute to urban forest monitoring and conservation through a shared inventory of Seattle’s trees.

Curious about how many Douglas Firs are in your neighborhood? Or the number of trees in the city with a trunk diameter greater than twenty-four inches? Search functions allow you to find the exact trees you’re looking for, or filter results based on tree height, date of planting, plot type, tree health, and more. Users can edit data to account for missing or outdated information, upload photos to tree profiles, “favorite” the trees they like, set alerts (this tree needs to be watered!), and add comments.

The Seattle Tree Map is part of Canopy Connections, a project by Seattle Audubon to document, map, and enhance Seattle’s urban forest habitat for birds and nature. Visit the Seattle Tree Map at to get started today.

Some features of the new website let you:

  • Find a Tree
    • Want to know how many Douglas Firs are in your neighborhood? Or how about the number of trees with a diameter greater than 36″? Use the search function to find exactly the trees you’re looking for.
  • Add a Tree
    • The Seattle Tree Map relies on citizen scientists like you to report new additions to the urban forest community.
  • Update a Tree
    • Notice outdated, incomplete or inaccurate tree details? Update it! With your help, we can maintain an accuarate and complete online tree inventory.

About the Seattle Tree Map: The Seattle Tree Map is part of Canopy Connections, a project by the Seattle Audubon Society. Our urban forest is critically important to the health and well being of our entire region.

Our urban forest is critically important to the health and wellbeing of our entire region, especially to the birds that rely on our urban habitat for food and shelter. By creating and contributing to a dynamic and reliable city tree map to monitor the health, size, and diversity of the urban forest, we will gain a better understanding of Seattle’s urban habitat.

When you contribute to this online tree map of Seattle, you are

  • Creating and fostering a culture of urban tree stewardship;
  • Helping inform others about the importance of our urban forest habitat;
  • Contributing to the environmental health of the City of Seattle;
  • Supporting local efforts to better manage and care for Seattle’s trees and wildlife.

The City of Seattle has a goal of 30% canopy cover by the year 2036. By accurately tracking the urban forest through this interactive map, we can help ensure the City stays on track for its 30% goal and beyond. Interested in attending a training to learn best practices and techniques for surveying your neighborhood trees? Check out Seattle Audubon’s website for more information.

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