SWS January Annual Membership Meeting @ C&P Coffee; Includes 2013 Review & 2014 Look Forward

Come have dessert with the Sustainable West Seattle board of directors as part of our annual membership meeting.

West Seattleites, we need your energy and talents to reinvigorate the Sustainable West Seattle (SWS) board!

Please join us on Tuesday, January 21st from 7:00 – 8:30 pm at C&P Coffee (5612 California Ave SW) for our annual membership meeting.  The evening’s activities will include:

  • Dessert hosted by the current 2013 SWS board
  • Recap of SWS 2013 activities, projects and events
    • Tool Library new hours
    • Tox-Ick continues to draw support
    • Instant Edible Garden demonstration
    • GreenLife presentations continue to grow
  • Nomination and voting for new 2014 board members
  • Voting for minor bylaw amendment (see below)
  • Idea sharing by attendees for consideration by incoming 2014 board


Proposed bylaw amendment: [pertains to membership meetings, the change would reduce to a minimum of 6 the number of scheduled meetings annually.  This does not change the ability to host special meetings or to schedule more than 6 annual meetings. Existing paragraph is below and proposed change is below that.]

2.5 Membership Meetings – The CC [Coordinating Committee] shall set a regular time and place for monthly SWS membership meetings, which shall be open to the general public. Any changes to the regular monthly meeting shall be communicated to the membership with no less than fifteen days prior notice. The January regular meeting shall serve as the Annual meeting of the membership, for the purpose of reporting the state of the organization and to elect a new CC.

Change from “…set a regular time and place for monthly SWS membership meetings…” to “…set a regular time and place for regular SWS membership meetings (at least six per year)…”

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