February 8 Is Neighbor Appreciation Day, Apply for Small Sparks Grant To Help Out

NeighborAppreciationDayNeighbor Appreciation day is February 8, 2014.

Neighbor Appreciation Day is Seattle’s annual recognition of great neighbors. Celebrate by planning an activity in your neighborhood. It might be eligible for the Small Sparks Fund, which supports projects that connect and engage people in Seattle communities.

Community Projects include neighborhood events like these:

  • Organize a Block Watch, a program of Seattle Police Department: Click here for tools and information;
  • Hold a neighborhood food or clothing drive;
  • Have a neighborhood BBQ, potluck, pancake breakfast or spaghetti feed;
  • Organize a SNAP (Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepared) meeting. Click here for tools and information;
  • Organize a game or sporting event;
  • Have a block party;
  • Invite neighbors over for dessert;
  • Organize a neighborhood rummage or garage sale;

Other Possible Ideas:

  • Go for a bike ride with your neighbor and check out the local scenery;
  • Stop by your local fire station and meet the crew;
  • Find other neighbors who play instruments and play music;
  • Go for a hike with some neighbors;
  • Have a progressive event: a progressive dinner or progressive work party;
  • Have a cookie exchange;
  • Hold a ‘Stencil a Storm Drain’ party.  Click here for more information;
  • Hold a bake sale for charity or to raise money for a neighborhood project;
  • Visit your local park with a neighbor;
  • Have a neighborhood treasure hunt;
  • Have a book or plant exchange;
  • Neighborhood Clean-up

Small Sparks application for Neighbor Appreciation Day are due January 8, 2014.

For Neighbor Appreciation Day information and ideas, visit Seattle.gov/neighborhoods/neighborday

For information about the Small Sparks Fund, visit Seattle.gov/neighborhoods/nmf.

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  1. karen waddell
    karen waddell says:

    I think this is an idea I would like to do for my neighborhood in Lake City near Virgil Criem(?) or Lake City Playground. My triangle neighborhood, although not a wealthy neighborhood, represents a portion of Seattle that is vibrant and in need of appreciation. If you drive thru the neighborhood you will notice that the people work. Their cars are gone in the morning and those which are there are gone by night time which I assume is where they work. We have some middle class homeowners, we have condominiums and apartments including some section 8 units . We have a microcosm of nationalities and immigrants. We have people from Morocco, Bolivia, Argentina, Japan, China, Korea. We have religious diversity and the Mormon missionaries live in an apartment in the neighborhood too. We have the elderly, the young parents and children, students who attend colleges and universities and young roommates. I do not know how to go about getting an application for an appreciation party but I believe one of these would be most appreciated by these vital members of the Seattle family. Thank you for your consideration!!


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