SWS Selects 3 Green Incubator Grant Recipients for $1000, & $500 Awards

From left, Ranette Iding, Delridge Produce Cooperative, Stu Hennessey, DIY Bikes, Tamsen Spengler, Timebank of West Seattle.

Sustainable West Seattle selected three organizations at our March 18 forum from six applicants for the Green Project Incubator Grant program.  The rating criteria for the grant applications included these elements: Feasibility, Sustainability, Social and Economic Justice, Community Building, and Educational Elements.

Shown accepting their award in the photo are (l to r) Ranette Iding, Delridge Grocery, Stu Hennessey, DIY Bikes, and Tansen Spengler, Timebank of West Seattle.

The projects were selected based on

  • An initial review and rating when the projects were presented at the February SWS forum;
  • Ratings from the public on a month-long SurveyMonkey project review site;
  • And a final review of all ratings and the applications by the Sustainable West Seattle Coordinating Council (board of directors).

The three organizations and their grant award and project are described below:

Delridge Produce Cooperative Membership Outreach

$1000 Grant courtesy of  Coho Team at Windermere Agents

This project would help the Coop build membership in advance of their plans to open a storefront operation on Delridge Way in 2014. The project would use the funds to purchase accounting software which would help with membership dues and expenses, and to assist in the development of a professional brochure and membership agreement for Coop members, and finally, the funds would be used to provide items such at t-shirts and reusable tote bags to help with the Coop’s branding and community outreach. The Coop has until June 2014 to build membership and get ready for the opening, which will be on the ground floor of a structure being built one block south of the Delridge Library. The proposal was submitted by Ranete Iding, of Delridge Produce Cooperative.  The Coop recently changed its name to Delridge Grocery.

DIY Bikes

$500 Grant courtesy of Sustainable West Seattle

The project would use the funds to purchase two bicycle work stations, including advanced bike tools sets and workbenches, which would be based out of the West Seattle Tool Library. The DIY Bikes program would work with partners such as SW Youth and Family Services and other local organizations to create a youth-oriented bike maintenance and repair program modeled after Columbia City’s BikeWorks. Used and abused bikes will be restored, fixed and turned into functioning bicycles by participating youth working under professional adult tutelage. Bicycles which have been restored will be offered for sale at very low rates to provide low-cost transportation options for area residents, and the sales could help defray ongoing expenses. The proposal was submitted by Stu Hennessey, Alki Bike and Board, who has assisted in a similar program in White Center. DIY, in addition to meaning Do-It-Yourself, also means Direct Involvement of Youth as this project intends on providing career and employment opportunities for youth by directly involving them in the repair and sale of used bicycles.

Timebank of West Seattle

$500 Grant courtesy of Sustainable West Seattle

The project would establish a timebank in West Seattle using expertise and assistance from Timebanks of Puget Sound (TOPS) and Eastside Timebank, two existing examples of the concept. The funds would allow the group to develop outreach programs and solicit members by allowing development of a website to be created to recruit members and by purchasing a laptop computer which would be used in community briefings to explain the Timebank methodology. The website would allow users to post times they’ve donated and to find folks who would be able to provide a service or offer their time in exchange. Timebanks operate as a clearing house for individuals donating time and service and those needing time or service. The proposal was submitted by Tamsen Spengler, a member of the West Seattle Timebank steering group. Timebank of West Seattle will work directly with Sustainable West Seattle in working to develop this new sharing program.



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