King County Natural Resources & Parks Develops Online Sustainability Database, Solicits Support & Testing

Localize ScreenshotThe King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, with generous support and guidance from Public Health and the King County Department of Transportation (and funding from US Dept of Energy), built the Localize Sustainability website to promote community engagement on sustainability.

The beta version can now be accessed at this address:


The mission of Localize is to inspire personal sustainability improvements that are informed by one’s unique local circumstances.  Sustainability improvements are lifestyle and habit changes that promote health/wellness, save money, improve the local economy, and pollute less.

The Localize beta site has a location and lifestyle-sensitive sustainability calculator, data charts for neighborhood characteristics, countywide sustainability maps, and a (rudimentary) resources/solutions page.

King County asks “Please share and help us improve this site”

The County says with your help, this site can be more engaging, informative, and effective.  The Localize project team is seeking your suggestions for improvements to this site – additional features to consider for the calculator, links to sustainability-oriented programs and organizations, or additional maps of King County conditions.

For further information or to forward ideas and suggestions, contact Richard Gelb, Performance Management Lead, King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, 206-296-8374,

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