SWS Kicks Off and Will Provide Grant Funding for Green Project Incubator

SWSGreenLightbulbSustainable West Seattle is soliciting proposals for our new Green Project Incubator grants program. The grant for $1000 will fund small projects or provide seed money for larger endeavors.

Groups or individuals wishing to submit proposals should download the application form (see link below) and fill out the application and bring to our February 19 meeting at the Senior Center in Alaska Junction (4217 SW Oregon St. around the corner from California Ave. SW).

At our Sustainable West Seattle meeting tonight, groups or individuals with a proposal will be asked to present their idea and to interact with the audience describing their idea and the impact that project will have on the community.  We will have more detail on the February proposal presentations here so check back.

The Green Project Incubator builds sustainability and resilience in our West Seattle neighborhood. SWS will support the chosen project by providing funding, expertise and volunteer hours to make the project a success. Projects will be chosen by the SWS Project Committee and announced at our March general meeting.

SWS projects begin as ideas from the community, receiving both funding and volunteer support resulting in successful programs. Past examples of these groundbreaking and grass-roots originated ideas include:

  • West Seattle Tool Library, which now has more than 1,000 members.
  • Community Orchard of West Seattle (COWS) demonstrates and encourages urban gardening and began as a project of Community Harvest of Southwest Seattle.
  • Tox-Ick education program engages Puget Sound residents about the problem of polluted runoff and the simple actions individuals can take to prevent it.
  • West Seattle Spokespeople facilitates a transition from car to bike and is allied with Spokespeople U.S.

The CoHo Team of Windermere Agents  is providing SWS with a generous grant to allow SWS to move forward with this innovative project.

Download the Application Form

application for green innovation proposals

2013 Green Project Incubator Application – click on the image to open a new window with the Grant Application PDF file.  Save the file to your local drive, print,  fill out and bring to the February 19 meeting at the Senior Center.

What Kinds of Projects Are Possible

We offer the list below as a partial idea of the types of projects you might propose, but don’t let these ideas limit your creative thinking!

What type of projects could one start with 1000$?

  • Community or neighborhood dinner educating on food issues;
  • After-school hased class on sustainability or food related issues;
  • Neighborhood green-space, garden, composting, bee-keeping, or chicken coop;
  • Collective composting;
  • Neighborhood-level sharing library (Books? Tools? DVDs? Dishes & Plates? Other items…);
  • LED-bulb replacement neighborhood-wide;
  • Bike share on California Ave. SW;
  • Neighborhood-level Food preservation club;
  • Raingarden in a good educational spot;
  • Your IDEA!

What  could one get with 1000$?

  • A domain name;
  • A website;
  • Construction materials;
  • Seeds;
  • Materials for raised beds;
  • Bike parts & materials;
  • LED-lightbulbs;
  • Books;
  • Food;
  • Stationary and other outreach items such as folders, pamphlets;
  • Poster or brochure printing or banner creation.

Sustainable West Seattle will also provide 501(c)(3) services and additional management advice and services depending on the needs and capabilities of the grant winner.  SWS will also lend its expertise in grant writing to those who submit but are not selected.  The City has numerous grant programs and SWS has been a successful proposer for these grants in the past and will offer such assistance to projects which don’t win but have sufficient traction to go for other grant awards.


Our Mission:

Sustainable West Seattle educates and advocates for urban sustainability in our local community. SWS envisions a West Seattle community of empowered citizens who actively lead toward greater self-reliance, local democracy, social justice, and existence in harmony with life on earth. SWS meets the 3rd Monday each month at 7:00 pm. Because some meetings occur in different locations than the Senior Center, always check our website for location.

SWS projects – prior examples of the innovation we’re seeking, all these were initiated by SWS members with an idea and not much else.

  • West Seattle Tool Library is a community-led project to provide pay-what-you-can community access to a wide range of tools, training, and relevant advice. By providing this service, the West Seattle Tool Library aims to inspire its community to participate in community projects, such as park restorations, and pursue sustainability through fun projects like backyard gardens, home energy improvements, and water harvesting.
  • Tox-Ick is an outreach and education effort born out of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Sustainable West Seattle.  The objective of the program is to help educate a critical mass of Puget Sound residents about the problem of polluted runoff and the simple actions individuals can engage in to stop it.  Online resources are available in the fight against the Tox-Ick Monster.
  • Community Orchard of West Seattle (COWS) provides a home-scale model that demonstrates how much food can be grown on a city-sized lot. Our produce goes to our volunteers, neighbors and local food security programs while we provide a venue for public agricultural education and community gathering.
  • West Seattle Spokespeople facilitates a transition from car to bike and is allied with Spokespeople U.S. Our goal is to make West Seattle a more bike-able community through education, group rides and assisting riders in developing their skills.

About CoHo Realty:  

  • The CoHo Team of Windermere Agents believes that where we call home is important. We believe that home—a place of shelter, a vibrant neighborhood and community, a sense of safety and belonging—should be obtainable by all. CoHo Realtors donate a portion of their profits to projects that support housing and community. Community + Home = CoHo.


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  1. Tamsen Spengler
    Tamsen Spengler says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to apply for your Green Project Incubator grant last night. We appreciated your welcoming process. We enjoyed networking and meeting new partners. We look forward to working with you whether we are awarded the grant or not.
    Tamsen Spengler
    Chair, West Seattle Timebank Steering Committee


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