American Lung Association Offering Healthy Home Assessments

American Lung Assoc LogoThe American Lung Association (Washington) wants you to know about their Healthy Home Assessment Program.

Do you know someone who has chronic headaches? Stuffy noses? Sore throats? Did you know that indoor health hazards could be contributing to these ailments? You have the right to feel healthy in your own home!
The Master Home Environmentalist Volunteer Program at the American Lung Association can help improve one’s health by ameliorating indoor air problems. Our members employ a holistic approach that helps residents recognize indoor air pollution problems – such as mold or dust – and works towards finding free or low-cost ways to control the toxins in their home.

These home evaluations are great for children, the elderly, pregnant women, as well as other individuals with lung sensitivity including asthma or allergy patients. Nevertheless, these assessments can be helpful for anyone concerned about the condition of their home. Free indoor air quality assessments are available in your Seattle neighborhood all year.

Why wait until you get sick? Preventative measures are safer, cheaper, and easier than waiting until you get sick. Call today 206-512-3280 to schedule an assessment or use email and send

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