Welcome West Seattle Bike Connections – New Bike Advocacy & Assistance Group

Introducing a new bicycle advocacy group for the West Seattle area and environs –  West Seattle Bike Connections (WSBC).

WS Bike Connections would like to engage those in the area who are interested in cycling, making improvements in the cycling infrastructure and providing a cohesive response and input to decisions that could effect cycling in the West Seattle area.

The new group has some upcoming meetings which will be posted here on the SWS Events page as soon as they are firmed up.

The new group has established a set of mission and goals statements:

Mission Statement

Provide advocacy and assistance for those traveling by bicycle to, from, and around West Seattle

Goal Statement

Make cycling a safer, efficient and attractive option for travel to downtown and for destinations in and beyond West Seattle neighborhoods, for riders of all ages and abilities.

Help connect West Seattleites to school, work, transit, shopping areas, friends/family and recreation by bicycle.

Give West Seattle a strong voice in the 2012-13 Seattle Bike Master Plan update.

Engage the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), the Washington State Department of Transportation (WADOT), King County Metro, the Port of Seattle and other groups (governmental, private and non-profit) interested in providing alternatives to driving; emphasize positive impact of cycling on freight mobility and highlight the usefulness of convenient bike+bus/bike+rail travel options for all modes of travel.

For more information and/or to be added to the group’s email list, contact Don Brubeck, 206-913-2232, or email at d2brubeck@gmail.com, or take a look at the West Seattle Bike Connections’ Facebook page.

West Seattle Bike Connections is allied with West Seattle Spokespeople and is a Sustainable West Seattle partner.


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