Attend Bike Master Plan Update Open House and Help Chart New Course for Seattle’s Bike Transportation System

 The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is ready to give us a taste of where Seattle is headed with the Bicycle Master Plan Update – from SDOT’s draft vision, goals and objectives, to actual lines on a city map that mark where our new bikeways might go.

Will SDOT develop a plan that meets the needs of people of all ages and abilities? Will their vision and goals be ambitious enough? Will the network map plan for a city where everyone, from an eight-year-old child to her eighty-year-old grandmother, has the freedom to ride a bike where they want to go? 

It’s up to us. If we don’t stand together and speak up now for world-class bikeways (neighborhood greenways, cycle tracks, buffered bike lanes and trails) in our communities, we could end up with a plan that calls for more sharrows on four-lane arterials. 

Click on a date below to RSVP and join dozens of your friends and neighbors at an SDOT open house on the Bicycle Master Plan update to speak up for a connected Seattle where it is safe and comfortable for everyone to ride a bike:

This is every Seattle citizen’s chance to plan for a city connected by 200 new miles of world-class bikeways by the year 2020, where safe and comfortable bikeways reach 95 percent of all Seattleites within a quarter-mile and 20 percent of all trips are made by bike. 

Since last May, SDOT has received over 3,500 survey responses and collected a ton of data on their interactive map from Seattle residents like you. That’s a good start, but now your input is needed in person at these open houses. You’ll get the chance to make your voice heard about what planned bikeways work well, and which areas need more attention. This is a remarkable opportunity to help shape the future of bicycling in Seattle, so please RSVP today

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