Do You Want Seattle Parks Merchandise? What’s Your Favorite Recreational Activity? Answer 2 Surveys!

Seattle Parks and Recreation wants your feedback on two separate items:

  1. Whether to sell Parks-branded items at various locations;
  2. What Parks should focus on with respect to recreation.

The Seattle Parks and Recreation is conducting a voluntary survey about the possibility of selling merchandise representing our parks.  They believe public feedback would be very important to their study.

Seattle Parks and Recreation Online Store Survey

Parks and Recreation has experienced some demand for parks and recreation gear and gifts. Parks has decided to conduct a survey to see what the public thinks about the idea of Seattle Parks selling t-shirts, water bottles, tote bags, field guides, art representing parks, seedlings or plants seen in parks, or other merchandise.

Please take a minute to fill out the Parks merchandise online survey.

Parks is also seeking your advice on what your favorite recreational activity is.

Here’s your chance to tell Seattle Parks and Recreation about your favorite recreation activities so they can make our parks even better! Take the online survey now through September 24, 2012.

Please take a minute to fill out the Parks recreation online survey.

Seattle Parks and Recreation is in the midst of a fact finding process to develop a strategic direction for the future , “Parks Legacy Plan”. The plan will provide levels of service analysis, participation and use numbers, costs and revenue projections to answer the following questions:

  • Are Parks resources deployed in the most effective manner?
  • Which facilities and parks get the most use?
  • What are the core services Parks provides?

DHM Research was hired to administer this survey as an objective, neutral third party. All responses will be reported in total, not individually, and none of the answers will be associated with anyone’s name. The data will be folded into the Parks Legacy Plan effort.

This survey is divided into sections. Feel free to answer all questions or just the ones that interest you most.

Israeli Cyclist & Inventor Creates $9 Cardboard Bicycle

From Good Magazine comes this story about an Israeli bicycle enthusiast who has created a durable, waterproof, functional bicycle out of cardboard.  From the story:

“An inventor from Israel has figured out a way to make cardboard move you. Using nine dollars worth of materials, bicycle enthusiast Izhar Gafni has created a fully functioning, water-resistant bicycle, made, from seat to spokes, entirely of recycled cardboard. The technology makes the environmentalist’s choice mode of transportation even a bit greener and easier on the wallet.

“The all cardboard bike is shockingly durable: it can carry riders who weigh up to 485 pounds. A layer of coating atop the cardboard shields the bike from the elements and gives the finished product the look and feel of lightweight plastic. While the cost to make the bicycle ranges from nine to twelve dollars, the manufacturer expects to sell the vehicle for sixty to ninety dollars depending on the optional addition of an electric motor.”

Read more in the online magazine.

Nature Consortium Looking for Volunteers; Help Restoration While Musicians Play

Help keep West Seattle green this fall with Nature Consortium!

Nature Consortium is looking for some key volunteers to help out with restoration events. This is a great opportunity, no meetings in advance, just “day of” volunteering and music. Local bands come out and play in the Green Belt while volunteers are working.

If you are interested in volunteering as event support or connecting people, arts and nature send an email to Oleana Perry at and you will be added to the volunteer list.

Here are Nature Consortium’s upcoming events, all will have bands after lunch, email Oleana to sign up for any or all.

  • Day of Caring
    • September 21st
    • Shifts 9-2:15ish
    • 8 volunteers needed more in the morning than after lunch

Volunteer team runs registration, helps with organizing tools, takes photos of work parties and supports over all clean-up of event (pop up tents, tables and so on). If you have a digital camera or phone with a camera Nature Consortium would love help taking pictures of our volunteers. After lunch bands will be playing in the Greenbelt while people finish up, this event is a partnership with United Way of King County.

  • Duwamish Alive
    • Planting Season Kick off
    • October 20th 9-3ish
    • 10 volunteers needed

More information to come, volunteers will be running registration, taking photos, tabling for Nature Consortium and over all support for the event. Duwamish Alive is a partnership with Earth Corps so lots of new faces.

  • Green Seattle Day
    • November 3rd
    • 8 volunteers needed

Stay tuned more information to come.

Something magical happens when you take a group of strangers and put them in the woods for the day. People start opening up, this is a wonderful way to meet new people and if you would like to jump in and do some restoration let Nature Consortium know and they will work something out for you.

Major Metro Bus Changes Coming to West Seattle, Including Start of RapidRide C Line & New Crosstown Route 50

On September 29 Metro will be making one of the biggest-ever revisions to bus service.

Here’s what’s happening:

  • The RapidRide C and D lines will start service. Together they’ll form a 17-mile bus rapid transit spine providing fast, frequent and reliable service all day, every day between West Seattle, downtown Seattle, Uptown and Ballard.
  • The Ride Free Area in downtown Seattle will end and we’ll shift to pay-on-entry on all Metro buses. 
  • More than 50 bus routes will change.  Routes have been restructured to reduce duplication, make service more direct, and give riders better connections to RapidRide and popular destinations.  Some of the least productive routes are being discontinued and those hours are being reinvested in more heavily used corridors to reduce overcrowding and improve reliability. Smaller adjustments to bus routings and schedules are also being made toimprove the speed and reliability of our service.
  • Among the new service additions will be the crosstown route #50 which begins in Alki, follows Admiral Way to Admiral and then California Avenue to Alaska Junction and then proceeds to Delridge before continuing crosstown to the Rainier Valley.  Here’s Metro’s description of the service:
    • New Route 50 provides all-day service between the Rainier Valley and West Seattle via Columbia City, north Delridge, Alaska Junction, the Admiral District and Alki. It will connect to the RapidRide C Line at the Alaska Junction and to Link at Othello, Columbia City and SODO stations. Route 50 will operate every 20 minutes during the peak periods, every 30 minutes during the midday and Saturday, and every 60 minutes at night and on Sunday.

In making these changes Metro is following a path described by Dow Constantine and the King County Council. County leadership has given Metro new strategic direction that emphasizes reducing inefficiencies and providing service where it’s needed most, making the best use of the public’s tax and fare dollars.

Demand for transit has been rising and will continue to increase as employment and population grow. At the same time, Metro is still facing a substantial funding shortfall after the expiration in 2014 of the congestion reduction charge—supplemental funding that is enabling Metro to keep the system whole for now. Although some riders will, unfortunately, be inconvenienced by upcoming changes, Metro needs to make the best use of current funds to serve more riders overall. The County will continue pursuing a funding structure that enables Metro to help meet the region’s goals for public transportation growth.

According to Metro, the long-term outlook for the September service revisions is promising even if the first couple of weeks are expected to be bumpy.  Metro will be running a multi-pronged customer information campaign about the changes and the advantages of using ORCA cards after the switch to pay-on-entry. Around the 29th, Metro employees will be out in full force in downtown Seattle and key neighborhood locations to assist riders. In the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel and at several surface stops, boarding assistants with portable ORCA readers will help riders who have cards prepay and board through the rear doors. This is because Metro has not installed ORCA readers on the Third Avenue transitway.  For more details on that issue, see Seattle Transit Blog’s entry

Metro is also collaborating with the City of Seattle to start a circulator shuttle to serve people who have relied heavily on the Ride Free Area to reach health and human services in the city center.

Sustainable West Seattle @ Farmers Market This Sunday; Bring Unwanted Stuff for Tool Library

Visit the Sustainable West Seattle booth at the West Seattle Farmers Market this Sunday, October 14.

Also bring your tools to donate to the West Seattle Tool Library.

We also have the West Seattle Walking Trails map and the South Park, White Center and Central District walking maps.

We’re here to help you with your questions about being more sustainable, about being a bit more green, and we’re here to take your left-over or under-used tools for the West Seattle Tool Library.

We also have the latest information on the many projects SWS members are involved with, including permaculture and wastewater.  Concerned about earthquakes?  We have information on Emergency Preparedness here in West Seattle, as well as other community info from partners like CoolMom.

We’re tabling at the Farmers Market and working with the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance folks to keep a non-profit and green presence in the Market area.

If anyone is interested in tabling, drop by and leave your name and contact information and we’ll be happy to schedule you for a shift.  This is a great way to meet your fellow West Seattleites and a great way to make a better acquaintance with the farmers and producers who help keep the West Seattle Farmers Market such a great place to shop healthy and local.