October Forum: Transportation and West Seattle: Metro, Viaduct, Streets, Future?

Bus Transit, Tunnel Construction, and More!  Join Sustainable West Seattle for our October Community Forum, Monday, October 15, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at West Seattle Senior Center, 4217 SW Oregon St., around the corner from California-Oregon intersection, upstairs.

Join us for an evening’s discussion of the changes afoot for transportation in and connecting West Seattle. The evening will include  presentations and open dialog on:

  • The new RapidRide service (RapidRide C)and other route changes Metro will have in place affecting West Seattle;
  • Effects of the continuing Alaska Way Viaduct work on the West Seattle, our southern neighbors, and the rest of the city;
  • A Study of High Capacity Transit from downtown to Ballard and the implications for rail access to West Seattle;
  • The condition of West Seattle thoroughfares and the multiple visions for Fauntleroy Way, Delridge Way and California Avenue.

Our panel includes:

  • Seattle Council Transportation Chair Tom Rasmussen;
  • King County Exec. Transportation Advisor Chris Arkills;
  • Metro Director of Service Development Victor Obeso;
  • Seattle Transit Blog Editor-in-Chief Martin Duke; and
  • Director of Seattle Department of Transportation Peter Hahn.


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  1. jeannette caporale
    jeannette caporale says:

    I’m glad to see the change in bus service will have buses run more frequently.
    But I have one suggestion.
    I work Tue/Thur night until 9 pm. I can catch the Rapid Ride C but it doesn’t get me close to 104th/Marine View.
    Trip Planner says get off Wildwood/46th.(Dangerous, dark walk up the hill at night).
    Any chance the Rap Ride can stop/drop off at 35th/Roxbury after 8:30 when #22 stops? I would walk that mile.

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    The statistic I would like to see is the number of bus SEATS going across the West Seattle Bridge per hour. Before and after the new schedule went into effect.

    I think it will explain the problems we are having commuting by bus after the schedule change.

    • michael
      michael says:

      I’m with you. I too would love to know how many people who are still riding the bus now as to how many before this last shake up!!!! I’d bet it is less as there are less seats on these new buses and fewer buses running and covering the same routes as there were on the last shake up.

  3. iggy
    iggy says:

    My big issue as a senior is that the 22 no longer goes downtown nor runs more than once an hour, necessitating a walk to the crowded C in the Junction. Also, if I do walk the hills to catch the C at Myrtle and Fauntleroy, there is no written schedule during the day, so I don’t know when to leave the house to prevent having to stand 15 minutes or more in the cold if I have missed a bus. The old 54 allowed me to know exactly when the bus would arrive, so I could leave my house and get to the stop about 2 or 3 minutes before the bus. Also, the new bus shelters are totally inadequate. Not as much wall/ceiling/seats. It seems that the entire new system is built for young commuters and has neglected those of us who have paid property taxes for 30, 40, even 50 years.

  4. michael
    michael says:

    I’d like to see this new RR “C” line make the stop at the Main Post Office down town like it used to as lots of riders used to get off there. Now we have two choices and they both mean if we are going to any of the hospitals in seattle you’ve got to walk blocks to a different stop to catch a bus to them where before all we had to do was walk across the street. the 2nd and Senica stop is great for those people going to work durring rush hour yet the rest of the day most people that get off there are having to walk to union and university to catch a bus as none of those buses stop at this stop. Also there is no covered area to wait if you ride the “C” lime to the Pike stop if you are going to any of the hospitals so you are stuck standing in the rain waiting for your bus and if you are disabled, old or just sick having to stand in the rain or snow is not a good thing. Where as if the “C” line were to stop at the post office no shelters need to be put in as it is already there and is not needed to be paid for my metro as it is there due to the cover is already in place.

  5. Bonnie Stewart
    Bonnie Stewart says:

    I would love to attend the meeting on Monday to put in my two cents worth. I ,like Jeannette live deep into Arbor Heights and have no other option than to walk well over a mile in the dark due to not having ANY transit. This must change!

  6. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    I’d like more perspective for the Admiral area. The 56/57 only run during peak hours so getting around at other times requires 2 buses or really long walks. Overall, how are we actually promoting the transit system since I’ve seen more comments about riders turning back to their cars than comments about riders satisfied with the changes?

    Lastly, fares for Metro and LINK need to get in sync. The city is offering free Metro tickets for renewing your license online, but they can’t even be used if one was to transfer to LINK. Most of my trips options consist of the 50+LINK now–why so complicated? Until tonight…

  7. OldPink
    OldPink says:

    Today I waited for the C-line at 2nd & Columbia, One Bus Away app kept wafting between 7&8 minutes until arrival and did that for 10 minutes. App said it was 8 minutes away when it pulled up. Standing room only. This was at 1:25 PM. I’m North Admiral area and feel totally slighted by Metro.

  8. Steve Richmond
    Steve Richmond says:

    I miss the fact the #125 turned into the #11, giving Puget Ridge residents (who live in a food desert) a one-bus ride to the food co-op on Capitol Hill.


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