The Tool Library Presents: The Work in Progress Series

The Work in Progress Series:
How to Install Cork Flooring
Saturday, February 25th, 9am-5pm
3108 SW Webster Street

Sometimes it’s just not enough to work on a sample project in a classroom.  It’s often more satifying to learn your skills while actually working on a project that’ll be around for years to come.  So, as the first installment of our new Work in Progress Series, we’ll be teaming up with Mighty House Construction to offer a hands-on workshop on how to install click-together, cork flooring.

Participants will learn how to:

· Demo properly;
· Prep the floor;
· Plan your work;
· Layout and measure efficiently;
· Choose your tools and power tool use/safety;
· Install according to best practices; and
· Replace base trim (as time allows)

The hands-on work of the participants will be showcased as one part of the sustainable remodel of the West Seattle residence during the NW EcoBuilding Guild’s Seattle Green Home Tour, April 21-22, 10am-4pm.

Workshop is limited to 6 participants. Lunch will be served.
Suggested Donation to WSTL: $35
Register Today!

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