Full Tilt White Center Hosting DubSea Bike Repair Day

Is your bike out of commission? Bring it to DubSea Bikes at Full Tilt Ice Cream, 9629 16th Ave SW, downtown White Center, on Sunday, November 13th, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. This free event will focus on minor repairs to get more bikes on the street in White Center and beyond.  For more information contact Ellie Weiss at 860-1432 or elliep@uw.edu.

Cycling is great cardio exercise, without adding to climate change. It is inexpensive and fun and gives you a chance to interact with the world around you. Cycling builds community and strengthens the retail core. Bicycling provides young people from diverse communities with the means to explore their neighborhoods – and the neighborhoods beyond. Cycling is an enjoyable option, inclusive across generations and ethnicities for exercise, recreation, and transportation.

White Center can become a cycling destination. Relatively flat, with many inviting greenspaces (Steve Cox Memorial Park, Roxhill Park, North Shorewood Park), and bakeries (Salvadorean Bakery, 3.14, Seattle Roll Bakery, Del Castillo Pasteleria) this neighborhood has great potential for increasing cycling. New bike parking was installed by King County recently.



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