“Capturing Your Rainwater” Class at The Community Orchard

How can you hold water in your landscape? It’s easier than you think! Find out how to harvest rainwater from your roof for use in your garden (or your whole house) and leave those rainbarrels behind! One option is cisterns: saves you money, conserves water, prevents stormwater pollution, remedies drainage issues. Learn how to keep your garden well watered in the dry summer months using free water!

This workshop will cover the basics and benefits of cisterns, the components of a cistern and how they work, how to customize a system for your landscape, and how to get started collecting your rain in a cistern or in the ground itself.

Presented by Nikola Davidson of EarthSystemsNW, a local company specializing in cistern installation for residential homeowners. www.earthsystemsnw.com  FREE

For more information on The Community Orchard of West Seattle, please visit their website: http://fruitinwestseattle.org/

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