NBIS Roundtable: Making the Financial Case for Sustainability

The next NBIS Grassroots Sustainability Roundtable will focus on Frameworks for Making the Financial Case for Sustainability and will occur on Tuesday, October 25, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the  Lutron Showroom on Olive Way in Seattle.  Dinner refreshments will be provided.  To register, go to http://grassrootsq4.eventbrite.com/.  NBIS members pay $17, non-members pay $25.

Please join us for NBIS’ next Grassroots Sustainability Leadership Roundtable for leaders of sustainability initiatives and green teams in their companies or organizations.

At our next Roundtable on October 25th, NBIS Board President Arkan Kayihan will provide frameworks that will help build the case for convincing the traditionally most skeptical executive stakeholders — financial managers. He will lead an engaging, interactive discussion of these frameworks; participants are invited to bring examples from their companies of how they have demonstrated the financial value of sustainability initiatives.

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