Learn How You Can Help The Sound and Your Community: Tox-Ick Presentations

Sustainable West Seattle is taking an hour long education event to community centers in West Seattle. We’ll investigate the biggest threat to Puget Sound, toxic runoff, and easy everyday solutions that people can engage in to stop it. As part of the incentive, Sustainable West Seattle has secured funds enabling us to provide audience members and participating schools with appropriate prizes including rain barrels and rainwater harvesting projects.

Why has Sustainable West Seattle launched this outreach effort?  Because Puget Sound is sick. Polluted runoff from hard surfaces like paved streets, sidewalks and rooftops is the number one source of toxics entering Puget Sound each year. This toxic mix threatens human health, the economic vitality of the region, and the survivability of the Sound’s most emblematic species: salmon and orcas.

The Solution: You!

The good news is that as our local community members can adopt behaviors that will reverse the damage to Puget Sound and restore it to health. Our citizens are the stewards of the same streets, sidewalks and rooftops that convey 14 million pounds of pollutants into Puget Sound each year. Pollutants include motor oil, pesticides, fertilizers, grease, paint, heavy metals, and bacteria.

Join Us!

Attend one of our scheduled events this Fall and participate with us in this community enlightenment and clean-up activity.

The Tox-Ick presentation will be at:

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