Ecology Department Report on Toxins in Seattle Urban Soils

This September, the Washington State Department of Ecology issued a report on the concentration of two toxins in urban Seattle soils.  The full report is at

Urban soil samples were collected and analyzed for dioxin/furans and cPAHs in the following six Seattle neighborhoods:

  • South Park
  • Georgetown
  • West Seattle
  • Capitol Hill
  • Ballard
  • Ravenna

The neighborhoods selected were intended to represent the range of historical conditions likely to be found in Seattle residential areas. Neighborhoods were selected based on presumed differences in land use history (industrial, non-industrial) and factors affecting deposition or accumulation.

The immediate take-away from this report is that residents of West Seattle have the least-toxic (dioxin and PAH) soils of these neighborhoods.  See abstract graphic from report below:

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