SWS Seeks Board Members, Has Bylaws Update for Forum

Sustainable West Seattle is seeking new members for our Board – called the Coordinating Council.  We will present the Bylaws change at October’s Forum, Monday, October 17, at the Admiral Theater.

The Coordinating Council is looking for new members for 2012. If you think your talents would contribute to our efforts, please let a current CC officer know or send an e-mail to info@sustainablewestseattle.org.  For a current list of Coordinating Council members and officers, see http://www.sustainablewestseattle.org/about/

Requirements, how to apply and duties:

  • Requirements: You must be a voting member of SWS, meaning you share the aims of SWS and agree to and demonstrate a commitment to work together in harmony with the organization.
  • Procedure: Nominations for CC shall be accepted by the SWS Secretary up to the start of the annual meeting. After all nominees have addressed the membership, election votes will be cast and tallied.
  • Duties: CC members serve a minimum term of one year, need to attend board meetings on the first Monday of every month, and need to give their volunteer time, which varies from about 10 to 40 hours a month, depending on the level of involvement. Board members shape the face of SWS and have diverse duties including the following: Deciding on and organizing the monthly forums, representing SWS in meetings with other groups, keeping the web site up-to-date, recruiting volunteers, welcoming new members, leading existing projects or spearheading new ones, designing and distributing posters and flyers and more.

Sustainable West Seattle is also proposing changes to our bylaws

The Coordinating Council recently approved a change to the bylaws. All members who are in good standing will be asked to vote on the bylaw change at this month’s forum. Members who attend the meeting can vote by filling out a current membership form, if they haven’t already done so.

Members may also vote by proxy up to the beginning of the meeting by sending or handing your proxy vote to the Secretary, reachable at amanda@sustainablewestseattle.org The change is highlighted below:

3.1 Membership – The Coordinating Council (herein “CC”) shall have at least five members, comprised of voting members who shall be elected by the voting membership at the annual meeting. CC members shall serve for a one-year term. The term of new CC members shall commence at the first CC meeting following the annual meeting, whereupon they shall choose new officers.

 The number of CC members may be increased or decreased from time to time by resolution of the CC provided that no decrease shall shorten the term of any incumbent. Members may serve on the CC for any number of years, with a maximum of three years consecutively. If a situation arises in which more than 60 percent of the CC will not be returning in any one year, an exception may be made to the three-year limit to allow departing CC members to serve an additional year. In no cases may any CC member serve more than four years consecutively.