Seattle Planning Dept. Wants Your Input for Comprehensive Plan

Help Seattle plan for the future.  The Seattle Department of Planning and Development is interested in your input to help define the future plans the city will focus on and has posted an online survey to allow you to provide your opinion.  Please take the brief Comprehensive Plan survey to provide feedback on your priorities for Seattle’s future –

Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan: What’s in it for YOU?

Seattle is expecting 120,000 new residents and 115,000 new jobs by 2031.

How many of them will be in your neighborhood?

What will that look like?

What City investments will be needed to serve these new people?

How can these new people and investments enhance your neighborhood?

It takes time to identify and fund these investments. That’s why Seattle’s DPD needs you to tell them what your priorities are now, so they can make them a reality in the future.

What have they heard so far?  Survey respondents have clear visions for Seattle, including:

  •  To increase density to add residents and vitality to the core and become more walkable and bike-friendly.
  • A place where children and grandchildren can be raised, where there are sidewalks, safe streets and green spaces close by.
  • A city that has housing and employment choices for everyone regardless of their station in life while at the same time doesn’t destroy the character of neighborhoods.
  • For every neighborhood to be as dense, diverse and vibrant as Capitol Hill.

See more responses on DPD’s website.

Why is the Comprehensive Plan important?

Since 1994 the Seattle Comprehensive Plan has guided funding and resources toward projects in specific neighborhoods including:

  • 30 new parks
  • 22 updated libraries
  • 8 new or rebuilt community centers
  • 33 new or upgraded fire stations
  • Numerous street improvements
  • New investment in utilities
  • New housing options

The City  has an opportunity to make even more improvements by leveraging expected new growth. The City needs to determine where those 120,000 new residents will live and where to host those 115,000 new jobs. Your responses to DPD’s survey will help Seattle determine how to distribute the new housing, jobs, and benefits from that growth.

Stay connected and informed by using these online Seattle Department of Planning and Development resources:

For even more Information check out “Comp Plan 101,” read the Comprehensive Plan, or Watch the Comp Plan Video.