New Search Engine Specifically for Swap/Trade & Free Items

Out of northwest Pennsylvania comes a new web tool for re-cyclers and re-users called Ecofreek, visit their website at is a search engine that searches the web for free and ‘for swap/trade’ items people no longer need from over 45+ sources, 10,000 libraries, real estate, agricultural/seed swap sources and more-providing the most diverse and accurate results anywhere in the world. Also included are items for trade like books, sports equipment, antiques, automobiles, bicycles, motorcycles, CDs/DVDs, computers, property, seeds/gardening supplies, and lots more.

Ecofreek’s mission is to provide a means for people to find items they need while reducing landfill waste.

Ecofreek encourages people to exchange and re-use items though their search engine and also their ‘places to give things away’ section. Feel free to recommend new resources as well.

Enjoy your experience and let Ecofreek know what they can do to improve the service.
View our frequently asked questions here.  Visit their donation page for some great merchandise in exchange for a monetary donation.

For more information, contact the ecofreek team at or call 510-962-4385 or contact  Nicole Boivin – Founder, at