City Light’s New Community Solar Program Open to All SCL Users

Seattle City Light has a new program which is open to any SCL customer.

You are invited to help build Community Solar today!

How can one person help build a sustainable energy future? Seattle City Light is inviting you to make that difference today — by becoming a Founding Member of Seattle’s first Community Solar project.

Community Solar is an innovative, shared resource approach for using clean, renewable solar energy for power.

As a Founding Member of Seattle Community Solar, you will help fund a landmark solar project this fall — a series of three new solar picnic shelters at Jefferson Park in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle. The picnic shelters will feature roofs constructed of Washington-made solar panels, supporting local green jobs.

How much does it cost?

The Community Solar project is made up of 500 solar units. Each unit has a one-time, upfront cost of $600. Customers may purchase a maximum of two units. Each solar unit is estimated to produce 50 kWh of electricity per year through the June 2020 program end date.

What benefits will I receive as a Founding Member?

Who can participate?

Everyone! All Seattle City Light customers may participate.  Enrollment is easy. Simply complete and return the linked two page application form with a check or credit card information (you do not need your City Light number, we can look it up). If you have questions, check the FAQ at or give our expert a call directly at 206-684-3954.

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