West Seattle In Motion Stats: 21 Tons of Carbon Saved

So here are some August bragging rights for you West Seattle.  Way back in 2006, a certain large neighborhood north of the ship canal *coughBallardcough* had a total of 890 participants for its In Motion program.  As of this week West Seattle now has over 900 participants! The program runs through October this year.

If you are a participant, log those trips.  If you are not a participant, go to the King County Metro sign-up page and join.  The benefits are six free Metro transit passes, a card which is good for discounts at West Seattle shops, an account where you can log your savings, and the new West Seattle Trails walking and bike map.

The program is part of the mitigation for the continuing work on the Alaskan Way Replacement Project and is funded, in part, by the State of Washington and King County.  The goal is to provide West Seattle residents with more choices for transportation and to reduce the number of single-car miles driven, which helps reduce the local carbon footprint.

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