More national media coverage for tool library

Sustainable West Seattle project featured in August issue of Popular Mechanics

Sustainable West Seattle’s Tool Library project was featured in the August 2011 print issue of Popular Mechanics.

The well-known Popular Mechanics, which is devoted to everything from DIY home tips, gadget news, test drives of new cars and science breakthroughs, featured the West Seattle Tool Library in its “10 Ways to Change the World” story.

The West Seattle Tool Library has received local and national coverage in the past, with publicity in the Chicago Tribune, KOMO TV, AM1090, the West Seattle Blog and the West Seattle Herald.

“Pretty much whenever you explain the concept of a tool library to someone who isn’t familiar with the idea, they respond with ‘wow, that’s a great idea,’” said Patrick Dunn, West Seattle Tool Library Director. “I think that’s why it’s getting so much interest.”

If you’re not familiar with the tool library, the idea is a simple one. Collect some tools that might just be gathering dust in local basements or garages and then allow neighbors to have easy access to them. As The West Seattle Tool Library can attest, these formerly unappreciated tools then tend to spring to life. They’re loaned out as-needed for home projects or sometimes borrowed in-bulk for community projects. They can even help reinforce a community’s disaster preparedness.

About a year after starting off with that very simple idea, The Tool Library now has over 300 members and 1,300 active tools. It also just recently opened a fully equipped, community workshop at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, where neighbors can congregate to share their skills, stories, and even more tools.