Delridge Produce Coop News: Buyer’s Club Strong, New Web

There have been some new developments with Delridge Produce Cooperative.  The Buyer’s Club is going strong – they’ve done three orders over six weeks now, and just started up a new online ordering system, so that those who don’t wish to come to meetings will be able to skip those and show up to collect their produce at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, outside of the West Seattle Tool Library every other Sunday.

The Delridge Produce Cooperative also now has their own domain name – Please visit the site to view the DPC calendar, see what they’re up to, and view the produce prices by logging into the ordering database.

Delridge Coop has been rotating volunteer duties to call farmers, pick up produce, and sort orders, but still needs more Buyer’s Club members to join and help out. The more members we have, the easier the work – and the work is worth it. They’ve been averaging prices that are half as much as those one would pay for the same produce at the Farmers’ Market, so they’re buying organic produce for less than you’d pay for conventional produce at the grocery store. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to get involved in DPC, there have never been more benefits.

For those who don’t want to volunteer for the Buyer’s Club, the Coop is working on a plan to start selling produce to non-Buyer’s-Club-members along Delridge Way SW very soon (within the month of August). The prices for this produce will be higher than those for Buyer’s Club members, but still less expensive than Farmer’s Market prices!

This will be DPC’s first public produce stand selling locally-grown food, and it will be open to everyone. If you wish to get Buyer’s Club prices but are do not wish to be part of the Buyer’s Club, we still need volunteers to run DPC’s stand and to help work out a plan to bring it to fruition.

If you have experience with fundraising, produce market management, business, feasibility studies, marketing, or working with underserved populations, please call us at 206-271-1880, or  email at, send a message on Facebook, or show up to one of DPC’s meetings – :00 every Tuesday at 7pm at the Delridge Community Center.  The next Buyer’s Club meeting is on August 9th at 7:00 pm at the Delridge Community Center and the pickup for that order is 12-12:30 pm August 14th. The online ordering system should be fully operational at that point, so if you don’t have comments on operations, feel free to skip the meeting and order online.

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