Social Night for DIYers @ The Tool Library

Each month, The Tool Library presents a chance for our community of DIYers to get together and share their stories of challenge and success, while drawing on local, DIY coaches in fields such as solar power, water harvesting, green building, and urban gardening.  These DIY coaches are willing to answer any questions that you may have on your current projects, future plans, or anything else you liked to discuss.

These open evenings also offer an brilliant opportunity to bounce project ideas off fellow DIYers and maybe show a few photos of what you’ve been working on.  We’d love to see them, especially if they include our tools!

Though the meetup is scheduled to go from 6-8pm, please feel free to just show up whenever you darn well please.  Everyone is welcome to attend, even if you’re just there for the stories.  We’ll bring the coffee and pastries!


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