‘Backyard Barter’ Focus of Sustainable Ballard Meeting

Our colleagues at Sustainable Ballard are meeting tonight at the Sunset Hill Community Club, 3003 NW 66th St. starting at 6:30 pm.  This month’s meeting will feature Backyard Barter – a new group set up to reduce waste and encourage reuse and to share garden produce.  For more information contact info@sustainableballard.org

Come share all things spring!!!

Do you have weeding time to offer? Seedlings to share? White elephants to pawn? Perennial divides dug up? Come meet neighbors who do and see what deals you can make and bartering you can do.

Also Sustainable Ballard will have representatives from a new Ballard-based organization Backyard Barter — learn about this new community bartering website and how to get involved!

Backyard Barter is a community where neighbors barter locally produced food, related skills and materials. Seedlings, eggs, extra produce, canned goods, the use of garden tools, expertise in garden construction and design, a helping hand with food-related projects and the list could go on and on. Coming soon at www.backyardbarter.org!

No time to make a dish? Can’t balance that casserole on your bike? Don’t let that prevent you from attending! Bringing a dish to share is not required for attending the potluck and program. A $5 contribution could be given instead, which would help defray the costs of space rental, food, etc.

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