Second Use Hosts Used Latex Paint Drive, Paint Classes

On Saturday, April 16th and Sunday, April 17th only, Second Use will be collecting used latex paint, in conjunction with Second Use’s painting worksho

The paint must be usable (not dried out), and it must be latex. Second Use reserves the right to turn away paint that is not in good condition. Staff will divide the paint between a graffiti-removal program in White Center and Reed Painting Company, which is leading a novel campaign to find uses for used paint.

For more information

Second Use  also has a free workshop on painting

this Sunday, April 17, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm:

  • Painting Workshop
    • With a few brush strokes, you can give the feeling of spring cleaning in your home.
    • Painting is a relatively inexpensive way to spruce up your place and give it a clean finish.
    • Learn the tips and tricks to a job well done—masking, surface prep and rolling.
    • A few simple tips can save you time, money and mistakes.
    • Reed Painting Company will join Second Use to talk about its novel sustainability efforts and lend a few tips on painting.
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