Transition Vashon Movie Tonight @ Luna Park Cafe

Transition Vashon will be presenting the second film in their series Films for Transition 2011 tonight at the Luna Park Cafe on Avalon Way right near the West Seattle Bridge underpass.  The film is “Escape from Suburbia,” directed by Greg Greene.

There will be a short introduction period before the film and a brief discussion following the film.

Escape from Suburbia” is a natural follow-up to last month’s film, “The 11th Hour.” While “11th Hour” focused on the scope of the world-wide twin challenges of fossil-fuel depletion and climate change, “Escape” focuses on the personal responses of four couples after they learn the dimensions of peak oil.

This documentary follows the quite varied life changes that these individuals consider as they begin to look for “solutions” in their local areas. The film briefly covers the recent history of U.S. energy policy, and then shows the life experience of the four couples in the first phase of their work to prepare for “powerdown,” as they begin to search for ways they can build resilience and creative engagement with neighbors and community.

For Vashonites, one relevant section of this film is the interviews with city leaders in Willits, CA, a town of between 8,000 to 12,000 people. Willits has begun planning specific changes to build community resilience (as of 2007, when the film was released). As one citizen of Willits remarks, “The opportunity that peak oil presents is to create a whole new focus to our community – for social and economic sustainability.”

The originator of the Transition Town movement, Rob Hopkins, also commented, “Peak Oil could be the opportunity for a huge renaissance for local agriculture, for community, for sustainable manufacturing, and for biodiversity.”

About Transition Vashon

The Transition Vashon working group began in early 2010, as a follow-up project from the Food Summit. The current working-group members number about 15. We want to encourage our island community to begin to lower our energy footprint, localize our economy, and generally make Vashon a more self-reliant and resilient community, so as to better weather the challenges that are likely to be in our future.

The program Films for Transition 2011 is one of the ways we hope to deepen the dialogue among our Vashon friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

Transition Vashon expresess thanks to Sustainable Vashon for a Green Seed grant that helps cover costs of this program. We are grateful to Natalie Sheard for offering Cafe Luna as the program venue, and Peter Ray of Lunavision for arranging to show the film.

For questions and more information contact: Terry Sullivan at 206-463-2812 or Carla deCrona  at 206-462-0034.

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