NW Film Forum To Premier Bee Colony Collapse Film

Collective Eye, a community of filmmakers who explore social, political and environmental issues is hosting a new film by award-winning documentarian Taggart Siegel on bees, “Queen of the Sun: What are the bees telling us?”

The Seattle Theatrical Premiere will be at the Northwest Film Forum, starting March 4th with simultaneous releases in Bellingham and Olympia. Director and Producer Taggart Siegel will be in attendance March 4th for a Q & A.

Queen of the Sun is a profound, alternative look at the global honeybee crisis from Taggart Siegel, award-winning director of The Real Dirt on Farmer John. Film.com calls Queen of the Sun, “stunning… as soulful as it is scientific, as uplifting as it is alarming.”

The showings are sponsored by KBCS 91.3 FM and are:

  • Friday, March 4 at 07:15 pm
  • Friday, March 4 at 09:15 pm
  • Saturday, March 5 at 07:15 pm
  • Saturday, March 05 at 09:15 pm
  • Sunday, March 06 at 07:15 pm
  • Sunday, Mar 6 at 09:15 pm
  • Monday, Mar 7 at 07:15 pm
  • Monday, Mar 7 at 09:15 pm
  • Tuesday, Mar 8 at 07:15 pm
  • Tuesday, Mar 8 at 09:15 pm
  • Wednesday, March 9 at 07:15 pm
  • Wednesday, March 9 at 09:15 pm
  • Thursday, March 10 at 07:15 pm
  • Thursday, March 10 at 09:15 pm

When documentary filmmaker Taggart Siegel released his debut feature The Real Dirt on Farmer John, he knew he was onto something special. A new wave of local environmental concern since that film’s release has become nearly commonplace in Seattle. Queen Of the Sun, like Farmer John, provides a profound, alternative examination of the tragic global bee crisis, known as Colony Collapse Disorder. Featuring Michael Pollan, Gunther Hauk, and Vandana Shiva, Queen of the Sun reveals both the problems and the solutions in reforming a culture to be in balance with nature.

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