Check Out CoolMom’s Updated Website

CoolMom has a new home!

The CoolMom team has been hard at work creating our new website. Check out some really ‘Cool’ stuff by clicking on,

Some CoolMom Housekeeping items:

We now have a ‘Join Now‘ feature that enables CoolMom to collect emails without having to go through our old list manager BigTent.

Subsequently, CoolMom will no longer be using BigTent to communicate with our membership. All communications from the larger organization will take place through our Blog, News section, and through Vertical Response, which manages our newsletter and updates.

Meet the CoolMom Board of Directors. We have some new Board members, Colleen Cooke, Leslie Stanton, and Sanjay Kapoor.

And, check out CoolMom’s new No-Idle Campaign and see how you can help us find Elementary Schools in Seattle.

For more information and for direct communication with our groups, connect with the group Coordinators.

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