January Spokespeople Ride: Alki to Kent and Back

The Spokepeople West Seattle January ride is for those Over 50 who are Over worke! The group will meet at the Alki Statue of Liberty 11:00 am Sunday, January 9th.

Over 50 Over worked.

Spokespeople West Seattle will not concede the forgone conclusion that baby boomers will bankrupt Medicare. Baby boomers grew up on two wheels and two wheels will keep them healthy and decrease their healthcare costs.

If you are also determined not to be a tax burden please join us as we pedal our way into a very healthy age. This 38 mile ride goes from Alki to Kent and back with one hill. We will have two levels of moderate pace. We also will have time before the ride to discuss health and dietary issues. Dieticians and medical professionals are encouraged to attend.

Under 50 riders may attend.

To get a view of the ride route, check out this link http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/26071848

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  1. stu
    stu says:

    Although the weatherman was predicting another snow day, 9 healthy riders showed up. Most over 50. Not as bad of weather as predicted and we completed the mostly flat 28 miles by 2pm. As we were riding back along Alki Beach I was remindedc of how great a place we live in for winter time outdoor activity. Stay healthy.


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