Help Improve SODO for Peds/Cyclists – Take Survey

Do you live or work in SODO?

If so, your feedback is essential!

If you live or work in South Downtown (SODO) neighborhood of Seattle (defined by Jackson Street to the north, Dawson Street to the south, Puget Sound and the Duwamish River on the west, and I-5 on the east), Feet First is asking you to fill out a short survey about your travel habits.

As part of a Congestion Management and Air Quality (CMAQ) grant, Feet First is working alongside the Duwamish Transportation Management Association and Cascade Bicycle Club to identify gaps in existing non-motorized transportation networks in the South Downtown (SODO) neighborhood of Seattle.

Your responses are imperative to this project, as they will help us identify where more funding needs to be spent on pedestrian travel in and through the SODO neighborhood.

Please help Feet First promote a safer and more walkable SODO neighborhood for all residents and employees. Please complete this survey today.

For more information contact Feet First at 206-652-2310 or via email at

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