City Home Page/Web Revised – New – Redesigned to Enhance Access and Navigation

The City of Seattle’s website, earlier this month launched a redesigned version with a new look and feel. The site has been designed to make it easier to do city business, access information and communicate with elected officials.  As part of the upgrade, Seattle Parks & Rec has a new home page for Parks & Teens.

The revised is the first of several new features coming to that enhances access to customer service, city information and city services online. When a site has over 150,000 pages, such as the Seattle-dot-gov site, simplicity is a key factor when it comes to finding information and conducting city business.

Other additions coming soon to will include:

  • My.Seattle.Gov which will allow users to customize their homepage from items selected from the site. Some examples are crime stats, trash collection days and news feeds;
  • Seattle Speaks will be an open forum where members of the public and city officials can discuss issues online;
  • Ask.Seattle.Gov will be a site where members of the public will directly engage with decision makers in city government;
  • One Username and Password (Single-Sign-On) Feature: Registration for a service that will eventually allow City customers to use only one username and password to access all of the online City services they use.

Give the new a spin and be on the lookout for new features to be added soon.

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