2nd Annual Coop Conference, SLICE @ Seattle Central CC

Register now for the second annual cooperative conference, SLICE, coming soon: Saturday, October 23rd.

Join regional cooperators for a powerful day-long conference on everything ranging from cooperative basics for people starting or interested in starting a new co-op to general information for anyone who supports co-ops and cooperation, and advanced collaboration opportunities for existing cooperatives and cooperators.

Get Energized

  • Hear the opening keynote address from Rosalinda Guillen, executive director of Bellingham, Washington’s De Comunidad a Comunidad (Community to Community), a women-led grassroots organization that works on practical solutions to social injustice through self-organizing by disempowered communities to build their own institutions to meet their own self-identified needs. Among other innovative and exciting projects, Guillen and Community to Community are working to create a culturally appropriate cooperative development center, and are supporting local farmworkers in their efforts to establish worker cooperative agricultural enterprises.
  • Enjoy a lunchtime keynote address from Jim Anderson of Ohio Employee Ownership Center at Kent State University and a founder of Evergreen Cooperatives, an inspiring Cleveland-based project designed to build a federation of worker cooperatives modeled on the Mondragon Federation in Spain. Evergreen Cooperatives includes an industrial laundry, a solar installation company, and a nascent large-scale urban greenhouse for growing lettuce. Commitments from the “Eds and Meds” (large educational and medical institutions in the University Circle area of Cleveland) enable these new worker cooperatives to hit the ground running, hiring and building equity for workers from surrounding neighborhoods devastated by the ongoing collapse of our industrial economy.

Get Skills

  • Attend workshops on the following topics: decision-making, communication, and governance; incorporation; finances; eating cooperatively; living cooperatively; and working cooperatively.

Get Connected

  • Participate in a cooperative primer and discussions concerning cooperative economics, the next generation of cooperators, and the global cooperative movement.

Get Your Slice

For additional information, visit www.slice.coop or contact Central Co-op’s cooperative advancement department via telephone 206-329-1545 or email Derek Hoshiko at derek@seattlenetwork.org.

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