Have An Opinion on Seattle’s Nightlife Initiative?

The City of Seattle is soliciting feedback and input from the public on the Seattle Nightlife Initiative. Please spend a few minutes filling out this survey and express your thoughts.

http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/seattlenightlifeinitiative.  The initiative includes the following elements:

  1. Code compliance enforcement – Develop an assistance and enforcement strategy with nightlife businesses.
  2. Flexible liquor service hours – Develop a proposal for flexible liquor service hours.
  3. Noise ordinance enforcement – Adopt streamlined noise ordinance rules targeting chronic offenders.
  4. Security training requirements – Require regular SPD security training classes as part of the state’s Nightclub Liquor License approval and renewal.
  5. Precinct community outreach – Regularly scheduled precinct community outreach with nightlife businesses and residents.
  6. Professional development – Develop and encourage the adoption of best practices for nightlife businesses.
  7. Late-night transportation alternatives – Create accessible and safe late-night transportation options.
  8. Targeting public nuisances – Create a city ordinance to allow Seattle Police greater ability to manage patrons of nightlife establishments contributing to public nuisances, disturbances and disorderly conduct.
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