City Seeks Ideas for Historic Fire Station 37 Disposition

As you may be aware, the new Fire Station No. 37 is being constructed at 7700 – 35th Avenue SW, with completion projected in 2010. The Fire Facilities Levy approved by voters in 2003 planned that the original station property would be sold, and revenues from the sale directed towards Fire Levy projects. At this time, the Fleets and Facilities Department (FFD) is starting the disposition (sale) process. FFD is contacting residents and property owners within approximately 1,000 feet of the former fire station, interested parties and community groups to ask for citizen input before presenting a recommendation to the City Council regarding the disposition of the property. There will be several opportunities for public input throughout the process.

Fleets and Facilities invite your comments, suggestions, or recommendations about this property.   Comments are requested by August 13, 2010.   You may write or send a fax with your comments to the Fleets and Facilities Department, Attn: Louis Webster, PO Box 94689, Seattle, WA 98124-4689; FAX number 206-684-0525. You may call and speak with Louis Webster at 206-684-0357, or reach him by email at the following: mail#mce_temp_url#. Please be aware that any written comments will be made a part of the public record for the disposition of this property.

For more information about the City’s general property disposition procedure, please visit our website at


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