Brown Bag Lunch: Co-Working in Seattle @ GGLO Harbor Steps

Please join Great City Thursday for a presentation by the founders of Office Nomads, a Seattle-based coworking space. Susan Evans and Jacob Sayles will explain how coworking can help transform Seattle into a city where more people are able to work closer to home in dynamic, collaboration-based environments alongside other workers, allowing them to engage and develop innovative ideas.


  • Susan Evans believes a successful business is one that inspires and contributes positively to local communities. Through the creation and development of Office Nomads, Susan has extensive experience providing a solid platform on which a diverse member community can grow and develop. She strongly believes that collaborative work spaces can positively change the way we work, live and connect with local communities.
  • Jacob Sayles is a veteran of the Seattle technology culture and a citizen of the world. Jacob creatively applies his expertise as a software developer and his Evergreen education to his passion for bringing people together through coworking, cohousing, and even a free 1967 Checker taxi service. In 2007, along with Susan Evans, Jacob created Office Nomads, one of the first coworking spaces in Seattle. Through his experience cultivating Office Nomads, Jacob has set his sights on helping others realize the rich benefits of coworking locally, nationally and abroad.

Where: GGLO Space at the Steps, 1301 First Ave., Level A, Enter through door located about 1/4 of the way down the Harbor Steps.


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