Parks Board to Review New Budget Proposals

The Board of Park Commissioners will meet next on June 24 at the Denny Park  Headquarters building, 100 Dexter Avenue North.  This meeting will be the first following the announcement of Park’s new budget proposal.  The Agenda is below:

Board of Park Commissioners – Neal Adams, Vice Chair, John Barber, Terry Holme, Jourdan Keith, Diana Kincaid, Donna Kostka, Jackie Ramels, Chair


June 24, 2010 Meeting

Seattle Park Headquarters, 100 Dexter Avenue North

Briefing papers are generally available on the Park Board web page the Friday before each meeting at  Site also includes agendas and minutes from 2001-present.

View Seattle Channel’s tapes of Park Board meetings, 6/12/08-most current, at

I. Call to Order 6:30 p.m.

Consent Items: Approve June 24 Agenda; May 13, May 27, & June 10 minutes; Acknowledgment of Correspondence

II. Superintendent’s Report 6:30

III. Oral Requests and Communication from the Audience 6:50

(for subjects that have not recently had or are not scheduled for a public hearing)

NOTE:  Speakers will be limited to 2 or 3 minutes each, to be determined by the chair and based upon # of people testifying.   A maximum of 10 minutes testimony will be heard during Oral Requests portion of the agenda.  Testimony in excess of 10 minutes will be heard prior to “Old/New Business”

IV. Briefing:  Seattle Parks Budget Update 7:00

Presented by Carol Everson, Finance Division Director, Seattle Parks

V. Briefing:  Budget Impacts on Summer Park Maintenance 7:30

Presented by Robb Courtney, Parks Division Director, Seattle Parks

VI. Briefing:  Center City Task Force 7:50

Presented by Nathan Torgelson, Real Property Manager, Seattle Parks

VII. Briefing:  Summer Programs 8:20

Presented by Sue Goodwin, Recreation Division Director, Seattle Parks

VIII. Old/New Business 8:45

Committee Reports

IX. Adjourn 9:00

*Times listed for all agenda items are approximate & agenda items may not be taken in the order listed

Please address all correspondence to: Sandy Brooks, Coordinator, voice mail – 206-684-5066,  email:, Board of Park Commissioners fax:   206-233-7023, Seattle Parks and Recreation  web address:, physical address: 100 Dexter Avenue North , Seattle, Washington 98109-5199.


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