Great City Hosts Transition Seattle Discussion

Great City is hosting a discussion on Transition Seattle at GGLO Space at the Steps, 1301 First Ave., Level A, this Thursday, June 10, from noon to 1:30 pm. Enter through door located about 1/4 of the way down the Harbor Steps.

The International Transition Network originated in the UK and now includes hundreds of communities worldwide. Members of the local chapter – Transition Seattle – will be presenting at Great City’s brown bag session.

Transition Seattle is an organization that supports and encourages local networks of community groups in building resilient, re-localized economies, jobs and communities as we prepare to weather the challenges of peak oil, climate change and economic uncertainty. To raise awareness about the chronic addiction to carbon-based fuels that underpins every aspect of our lives, Transition Seattle organizes classes, movies, meetings, parties and other informal get-togethers. By writing long-term Energy Descent Action Plans, Transition Seattle will take the lead on engaging the community and local authorities on the neighborhood and regional scale. These plans will include ideas for how Seattle is going to respond in a resilient, positive way as energy costs soar and impact all systems including transportation, food, and public health and safety.

To learn more about the organization before you arrive at the Brown Bag session, you can watch this interview with the author of the Transition Handbook and see how Bloomington, Indiana plans to become a Transition Town.


  • Leo Brodie is a co-founder of Transition Seattle and serves on the Steering Committee of Sustainable NE Seattle, which is both a SCALLOPS (Sustainable Communities ALL Over Puget Sound) group and an official Transition Initiative. Leo and his wife, Cynthia Clay, own and run a training and development company (NetSpeed Learning Solutions). Leo holds a Permaculture Design Certification and is the author of several books on computer programming.
  • Ron Harris-White is a loaned Seattle Public Utilities Executive working for the Seattle Parks & Recreation Superintendent’s Office. Ron develops strategies for the organization as it relates to community building and manages the City’s Clean & Green Seattle Initiative and is currently Parks’ liaison to the Mayor’s Office on issues related to urban food systems. For the past few years, Ron’s assignments have involved the City of Seattle’s grassroots climate action campaign and the development of Seattle’s Race & Social Justice Initiative. A National Urban Fellow, Ron has more than twenty years of professional experience in policy, public relations, local government relations and strategic planning. Included in a long list of successful strategies are the Cedar River Watershed Habitat Conservation Plan, City of Seattle ESA response and Seattle Public Utilities water conservation efforts. Ron has received several awards for his work including the 2008 Seattle Management’s Award for program excellence, 2008 ASPA Annual Conference Presenter, 2007 Seattle Management Association Award for Management, 2003 NW Emmy Award for “Salmon in the City.” Ron holds two masters degrees and currently co-chairs the King County Food and Fitness Initiative (KCFFI).
  • Phyllis Shulman has worked for twelve years as a Senior Legislative Advisor to Seattle City Council President Richard Conlin. She is responsible for strategic policy recommendations, civic engagement, and development of new initiatives on a myriad of issues effecting Seattle and the region. She is currently assisting Councilmember Conlin in implementing a broad policy initiative–the Resilient City Strategy–which involves integrating policy and programs related to climate change and adaptation, carbon neutrality, local food policy, economic renewal, emergency preparedness, social justice, neighborhood planning and environmental policy. She also has the honor of working on a number of complex regional transportation issues including the replacement of SR 520 and the Alaskan Way Viaduct.
  • Cathy Tuttle, Ph.D. spent seven years working for the City of Seattle as a planner for the Planning Commission and Seattle Parks, before she decided to build community from the community side of the equation. Cathy is now helping to launch and coordinate many community groups including Transition Seattle, SCALLOPS, Sustainable Wallingford, Spokespeople and 350 Washington State. Cathy writes for Urban Farm Hub, and is on the Boards of Seattle Tilth and Wallingford Community Council.


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