EOS Alliance Presents Free Seminar on Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development in a Low Carbon World

How China and the European Union are addressing climate change

EOS Alliance is presenting at 7:00 pm Thursday, May 6, a free seminar on Sustainable Development in a Low-Carbon world.

The presentation and panel discussion will occur at the EOS Alliance Headquarters, 650 South Orcas Street, Suite 220, in Georgetown, Seattle.  Registration is free. Please let EOS know if you plan to attend by dropping an e-mail to rsvp@eosalliance.org or by calling 206-762-2553.

The presentation and panel are a special evening with Eisenhower Fellows Dr. LI Hongwei (Beijing, China) and Michael Voordeckers (Brussels, Belgium). Both will be speaking on low carbon sustainable development practices in China and the European Union. The presentations will be followed by a moderated panel discussion where the audience can ask questions and interact with both speakers.

About the speakers:

Dr. Li is a teaching secretary at the China Central Party School (CCPS) who focuses on environmentally sustainable development and a low carbon economy. She is an inaugural Fellow in a new partnership launched by Eisenhower Fellowships with the CCPS, an influential and widely-respected Chinese institution that also functions as a policy generator. Dr Li is positioned to influence leaders among China’s power elite through her courses on sustainable development and eco-civilization. Her fellowship will focus on U.S. environmental policy development and regulation, as well as clean energy development.

As the FEB’s climate change expert, Michael Voordeckers promotes Belgium business interests at U.N. international climate change conferences, and represents Belgian employeers at BUSINESSEUROPE. Mr. Voordeckers was previously city counselor in Ghent, and is a regular columnist in journals and newspapers. With a background in law and business, he has also worked in the cabinet of the Belgian Minister of Justice, where he oversaw new commercial law and intellectual property legislation development, and advanced Belgian interests in working groups of the European Council.


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