EOS Alliance Offers Backyard Chickens Course

EOS Alliance is offering a course on backyard chickens.  Backyard chickens provide great-tasting, healthy, environmentally responsible eggs, plus plenty of entertainment, even in the middle of the city!

Learn the basics of keeping chickens in your backyard, from biology to buildings, in this introductory workshop. Instructor Jenifer McIntyre, a trained biologist and behavioral ecologist, has a backyard flock of her own and has taught many workshops in the past to share her enthusiasm for the topic. She will guide you through the essential topics to get you well on your way to raising some backyard chickens of your own. Topics include:

  • Chicken Ecology: A day in the life of a chicken – jungle to backyard, including flock behavior
  • Chicken Diversity: Chicken breeds and standards, how to choose a breed for your flock
  • Anatomy of a Hen: Exterior and interior anatomy, including basic processes of digestion and egg-laying
  • Raising Baby Chicks: What you need and how to raise day-old chicks to hen-hood
  • Hens in the Backyard: Food and shelter requirements for your backyard flock
  • Chicken Coops & Runs: Basic design considerations for keeping hens safe from predators and elements
  • Chickens & Gardens: Chicken manure, chicken tractors and garden harmony
  • Resources: Bibliography, local sources, national resources

Register now, cost is $20 and space is limited.  Use this link for registration:


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