Vashon Permaculture Design Certification Course

The course uses a variety of educational venues and formats- including lectures, discussions, demonstrations, team design work, hands-on activities, presentations by permaculture experts, and tours of local gardens/farms.  The course is a 12-day program spread over two weekend days (Saturday and Sunday) for 6 weekends beginning April 3 and ending June 13.  Course cost is $800.

The curriculum demonstrates how human beings integrate ethically, holistically, and dynamically into natural ecosystems which are continuously evolving. Some of these topics include:

  • permaculture philosophy, ethics, principles
  • reading the landscape & recognizing patterns
  • catching, storing, and using rainwater & graywater
  • bioremediation & soil building
  • healthy home, natural building & retrofitting
  • disaster preparedness
  • how to integrate small and big animals
  • renewable energy & appropriate technologies
  • climate justice, transportation and sustainability
  • local food production & food sovereignty
  • sustainable local economics
  • inclusiveness, social sustainability, community building & dealing with conflicts
  • rural & urban applications of permaculture

Instructors for the course include Emet Degirmenci, Kelda Miller. Guest speakers include Michael Pilarski, Larry Korn, Jenny Pell, Deston Denniston, Mark Musick, Dan Bentler & some Vashon experts.

More information and registration are available at this website  For the Fauntleroy-Vashon Ferry schedule, click here.

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