1st Conference on Sustainability for Pacific NW Region

The Institute for Sustainability presents the First Conference on Sustainability for the Pacific Northwest Region at Seattle University on Thursday and Friday, March 25 and 26.  More information is available at both the Seattle City Green Building website and at the Institute for Sustainability Conference website. The technical program is available at this link http://pugetsound.aiche.org/TechProg, and abstracts for the conference papers are available at this website http://pugetsound.aiche.org/sites/pugetsound.aiche.org/files/webfm/Proceedings.pdf.

The Institute for Sustainability is an American Institute of Chemical Engineers Technological Community.  The Puget Sound local chapter is sponsoring this.

You must RSVP to attend which you can do at this websitehttp://pugetsound.aiche.org/webform/regional-conference-rsvp

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