SWS 2009 Winter Celebration!


Come celebrate the winter holidays with your local sustainability community.  Several  groups

including Sustainable West Seattle, NW Ecobuilding Guild, Solar Washington, EOS Alliance, CoolMom, Seattle Electric Vehicle Association, BALLE, and the Duwamish Cleanup Coalition are co-sponsoring and hosting this event.

Join us for food, drink, prizes, and fun!  We’ll be providing some food, drink and music, as well as some very cool raffle and door prizes.  Please bring a dessert or other special dish to share.  It should be a real Potlatch-style celebration.

This event is open to all SWS members.  Parking is limited, and, alas, West Marginal has no transit service in this stretch, so we strongly recommend car-pooling.  There are about 2 dozen parking spots at the Longhouse itself and another several dozen across Marginal Way at the T-107 Park parking lot, which is slightly north (100 feet) from the Longhouse driveway.  There is also additional parking about 3 blocks (1/5 mile) north of the Longhouse at 4209 W. Marginal Way SW, which is a Parks facility.

The event will be held at the Duwamish Longhouse, which is located on West Marginal Way SW (4705 W Marginal Way Southwest) opposite the T-107 Port of Seattle park (see map below).


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  1. Janine Michelsons
    Janine Michelsons says:

    Got the invitation e-mailed from Brian. That spurred me to join the SWS site & list. I now live in FAR south Seattle. I decided to identify as SWS instead of Sustainable Burien because my roots are deeper into West Seattle.

    Great idea to have a Dec. 4 party and I’m excited to see the new longhouse!

    Warm wishes,

    Janine Michelsons


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