Funding Opportunities Listed on News Page

Check the Sustainable West Seattle website News Page for a seriously-long listing of funding opportunities for food and social justice programs.  These opportunities are from local, regional and national organizations and companies and many of them do not have any deadline.
Those with deadlines are cited first (January and February deadlines).  Program background, amounts and contact information are also cited.  To see the list – go to the News Page.

The News Page also contains the new Department of Neighborhoods Matching Fund Grant program information – deadlines have changed as have dollar amounts.

Lightening your Footprint by Sharing (like Stu)


Sustainable West Seattle’s own Stu Hennessey is featured in an article in today’s Seattle Times that talks about the benefits (and sometimes difficulties) of sharing resources.  We encourage you to read the whole article which mentions many ways you can share in an “effortless, logical, efficient and all-around helpful” manner.

Thank you again Stu and the others featured in the article for taking a “risk”, sharing, and providing positive role models for us all.

Also, don’t forget that Sustainable West Seattle is starting a large “sharing” project in the form of a Tool Lending Library.  Please check out our get involved page with more information on how you can help get this and other projects moving here in West Seattle.

More Parks Opportunity Fund Information & Opportunities

What park project would you initiate if awarded up to $1.5 million?

Seattle Parks and Recreation is accepting Proposal Letters for the Opportunity Fund until February 1, 2010. This is a great opportunity to get involved in improving your Seattle parks. The first round of the Parks and Green Spaces Levy Opportunity Fund ($7 million) is open for community-initiated development projects and land acquisition opportunities. Technical workshops will be held in early January 2010 to assist the community in preparing their proposals.

The nomination process begins with the submittal of a Proposal Letter, which is available now. Proposal Letters and Opportunity Fund Criteria are available online at The forms are also available at Parks Community Centers, Department of Neighborhoods Service Centers and Seattle Public Library branches.  For more information, contact Kellee Jones at or 206-684-7052, or Susanne Friedman at or 206-684-0902.

Technical workshops are scheduled in January.  The locations and dates are also located on the Opportunity Fund web page at

Enviro Group Publishes National Clean Water Database

The Environmental Working Group has published a database of water contaminants for cities above a 1/4 million population.

EWG spent three years analyzing the results of almost 20 million drinking water tests from water utilities. They detected 316 pollutants in water supplied to Americans since 2004. More than half are completely unregulated, and more than 130 turned up in amounts exceeding official health-based guidelines.

The good news? When the Environmental Protection Agency sets mandatory water quality standards, the tests show that local water suppliers meet them 92 percent of the time. The bad news? The standards need to be much tougher to protect children and pregnant women, and the EPA hasn’t set a single new drinking water standard since 2001.

Use EWG’s unique online guide to make safe, science-based choices at home. Water quality varies considerably across the country, so the EWG guide  provides local information to help you make smart decisions about the drinking water in your home. With our 2009 online drinking water guide, you can:

Read EWG’s full report to learn more about drinking water pollution — what contaminants we face, where they come from, what the government is and isn’t doing about them — and what EWG recommends to policy makers.

No December SWS General Meeting

On December 4 SWS, CoolMom and half-a-dozen allied organizations hosted a Winter Festival at the Duwamish Longhouse.  We will NOT be holding our regular third-Monday-of-the-Month general membership meeting on December 21.

Our next general meeting will be January 18.  The meeting space will also be announced in the coming weeks as the Camp Long Lodge will be undergoing much needed and Parks Levy-funded retrofits and improvements.

Principles & Processes of Sustainable Solutions

The Northwest Environmental Training Center is presenting “In Pursuit of Sustainability: The Principles and Processes Inherent to All Sustainable Solutions.”  The course takes place over three days, March 10 through 12 from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.  Classrooms are at the  NWETC Headquarters, 650 South Orcas Street, Suite 220, in Georgetown.  To register online click here.

The instructor is Tim Botkin.  He has been practicing law in Washington State for 16 years. For seven of those years, he served as an administrative judge for development and land use in Kitsap County. He credits this term for exposing him to healthy and environmentally friendly development practices. He was then elected Kitsap County Commissioner and became directly involved in the precursors to current-day sustainability: smart growth, low impact development (LID), transit-oriented development, and comprehensive water resource management. Tim also worked on housing, youth issues, and equality. In 2002, he opened his own consulting practice, Sustainable Solutions.

The course will address fundamental elements of sustainability. While the term “sustainable” is widely evident in today’s common language and market places, it is equally evident that few who use the term truly consider its full breadth and extremely significant connotation. As a result, most approaches labeled as “sustainable” are essentially piecemeal or limited in approach, leaving out important relevant considerations and remaining open to critique as representing one or another “special interest”.

This class takes a different tack. By beginning with the consideration of the interests affected by a proposal, and crafting logical designs that take these into account, one can achieve more durable and progressive results. Participants of this class will become familiar with elements that constitute “sustainability” at its core; develop skills and insights to identify best sustainable practices; and learn to develop and implement their own sustainable initiatives.


Parks & Green Spaces Opportunity Fund Now Open

Parks and Green Spaces Levy Opportunity Fund Process Begins

Would you like to see a new park built or an old park improved in your Seattle neighborhood? Or would you like Seattle Parks and Recreation to buy property for a new park or open space?

The first round of the Parks and Green Spaces Levy Opportunity Fund is open for your nominations of projects. Seattle voters approved the $146 million Parks and Green Spaces Levy in 2008; it included the Opportunity Fund for community- initiated development projects and land acquisition opportunities.

In the first cycle of the Opportunity Fund, $7 million will be awarded through a citywide nomination process for park development and acquisition projects. The Parks and Green Spaces Citizens Oversight Committee, appointed by the Mayor and City Council, developed criteria for evaluating and choosing Opportunity Fund projects.

The nomination process begins with the submittal of a Proposal Letter, available now and due by February 1, 2010. Proposal Letters and Opportunity Fund Criteria are available online at and will be available at your Department of Neighborhoods Service Centers, Seattle Public Library branches, and Parks and Recreation community centers on Monday, December 14, 2009.

Seattle Parks is hosting four technical workshops to provide assistance in developing Proposal Letters and answering questions about the Opportunity Fund and the process. All workshops will be from 6:30 – 8 pm and will take place on the following dates:

For more information please contact Susanne Friedman at or 206-684-0902, or Kellee Jones at or 206-684-0902 or visit the web at

Toy Give-away at High Point Community Center

A local group is hosting a holiday toy giveaway event at the High Point Community Center.  They are receiving donations from Toys 4 Tots.  The toy giveaway will happen between 2:00 and 3:00 pm on Monday, December 14.  This will be the only time that High Point Community Center is offering this service.  For more information contact Brian Judd at the High Point CC at 206-684-0644.


Environmental Priorities Coalition Workshop

You care about the environment in Washington State. But, it’s not always clear what you can do about it. Therefore, to help out, the Environmental Priorities Coalition is hosting a Legislative Workshop on Saturday, Jan. 9, to describe the actions you can take and how you can make a difference.

Join members of the Environmental Priorities Coalition for their Annual Legislative Workshop and learn about the 2010 Environmental Priorities and how you can take action to support them.

The 2020 Environmental Priorities Coalition Legislative Workshop will be held at Seattle Pacific University, Gwinn Commons, on Saturday, January 9th from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. The cost is $10 without lunch, $20 with lunch, $10 for students with lunch.  Register online by clicking here.