Social Sustainability Conference

Social Sustainability Conference by OUT for Sustainability

Nov 14th, 2009 1:00 – 6:00 pm

Hyatt at Olive 8 Seattle, WA

Election results are showing that Seattle voters care about diversity and social issues, in addition to the environment. Social sustainability is the next frontier of the green movement. Social issues and environmental issues overlap in everywhere. Put another way, sustainability is everything, not just carbon and climate. Gender, education, race and housing are all areas that impact and are impacted by the environment of our planet and our how we treat our local and global community.

Join OUT for Sustainability for our 1st annual conference to discuss “what is social sustainability?” Speakers on 5 panels join us from the city, county and state government, local businesses and non-profits. The goal is to see how demographics and logistics intersect and impact each other, to build awareness into action. Seminars include:

  • 1:00 pm  Gender + Healthcare: Focused on access for women and transgender people
  • 2:00 pm  Age + Community: Focused on planning community for urban elderly
  • 3:00 pm   Class + Education: Focused on the impact of resource differences by area
  • 4:00 pm   Orientation + Family: Focused on the non-political side of domestic partnership
  • 5:00 pm  Race/Ethnicity + Housing: Focused on the debate between affordability and density

Registration for the seminar is $5 and you can do it online at  More information about the seminars and Out for Sustainability is at

OUT for Sustainability brings the LGBTQ community together with social and environmental sustainability, connecting macro issues with individual choices and impact, through partner led events, education, consulting and advocacy.


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