350.org Chill Out: For Health & the Climate

SWS Members – Help by biking from Alki or busing from anywhere to Seattle Center – read on…

What is 350?

On Oct 24 1000’s of events in 141 countries will be carried out to raise awareness that if carbon in the atmosphere tops 350 parts per million we threaten our childrens’ future and all life on planet earth. 350 is the number we want to make sure our climate negotiators reach in the December 2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit. There is an abundance of material about 350 and about local and international actions at www.350.org and on our 350 Washington Facebook site (must already have Facebook account for link to work).

What is going on in Seattle?

For a listing of ALL events being held in Seattle, click here.

On October 24 there are dozens of small local events from squashing pumpkins in Bergen Park, 350 trees being planted in Discovery Park, and a zombie thriller dance in Occidental Park. We are inviting all of these groups and even more of the public to participate in a citywide event. We hope to gather 1000s of local people to form a giant number 350 with the Seattle Center fountain outlining the number “0”. We’re negotiating with a local TV station to take an aerial shot of everyone at exactly 3:50 p.m. People will be outside for an hour from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. while the photo is being set up, and each number will have a unique mix of activities, speakers, and artists. This is a pack-it-in pack-it-out zero waste event.

What else is going on?

We’ll be at Seattle Center from 2 to 5 p.m. We’ll be streaming video from 350 actions around the region and around the world and have groups promoting great ways to take climate action on site and in the Alki Room including CoolMom, Climate Solutions, Seattle Parks and the Green Seattle Partnership, CoolSchool Challenge, SCALLOPS, Seattle Green Schools, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Climate Action Network, WSU Carbon Masters, Sustainable West Seattle and many others.

How can you help?

We’re encouraging youth groups, environmental clubs, choirs, dance troupes, any groups or individuals who care and are concerned to stand up for 350 with us on Oct 24. On Oct 24 we’ll need volunteers to sign up people making pledges for climate action, and volunteers to help organize folks into the “350” number. You can encourage the people you care about to come to this event and pledge climate actions they can accomplish in their homes, schools, and communities.

Keep It Local:  West Seattle CoolMom event

10:00 am at C&P Coffee House, 5612 California Ave. SW

Join West Seattle CoolMom and SWS to do our part for 350.org’s International Day of Climate Action.  C&P Coffee has generously donated 350 square feet of their back yard for an edible garden to be created using donated materials from Cedar Grove (c/o Emerald Services).  The garden’s bounty will be shared with the public and surplus taken to the local food banks.  Please bring your children and be prepared to get dirty.  For questions contact Terri at admin@coolmom.org

What can SWS members do?

SWS will mass together at Seattle Center and tabling with SCALLOPS. Check out this video posted by CoolMoms on their Facebook site (again, must be Facebook member for link to work) http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1244172312890&ref=nf.

In addition, we’ll be biking from West Seattle to the Seattle Center – Our participation goal will be to bring at least 350 spokes to the event at the Seattle Center. That’s about 6 bikes with 32 spokes average.

Bike ride leaves from the Alki Kayak Tours at the Seacrest Marina, 1660 Harbor Ave. SW, at  12:30pm Saturday Oct. 24th. The ride will end up at the 350.org rally against global warming at the Seattle Center International Fountain. There will be booths and information as well as speakers for this event that culminates with a human 350 group arial photo from the top of the Space Needle. The participants will form the 3 and 5 and the fountain will become the 0.

Smile for the Cameras – at 3:50 pm all of you in the 350 will be photographed from the top of the Needle.

Ride pace will be a moderate 10-15 mph average using more interesting alternative routes from West Seattle to the Seattle Center. Returning at 4:30 pm. Maps will be provided but it is preferred that we ride together. Helmets and lights are required, locks recommended.

For the rest of us, taking a car is really not a good option unless you fill all available seat-spaces (five for a 2/4 door sedan).  However, the following buses will let you get to the Center in plenty of time:

  • Alki/Admiral – 56 – runs every 30 minutes Saturday – turns into 15/18 and goes right by Seattle Center.
  • Arbor Heights/Roxhill/Gatewood/High Point/Fairmount/Luna Park – 21 – runs every 30 minutes Saturday –  turns into 15/18 and goes right by Seattle Center .
  • Fauntleroy/Morgan/Seaview/Alaska Junction/Luna Park – 54 – runs every 30 minutes – turns into 5 – get off at Denny and walk 5 blocks to Seattle Center.
  • Shorewood/White Center/Riverview/Highland Park – 125 – runs every 30 minutes Saturday – turns into 11 – get transfer when you get on, get of at Pike/Pine and catch 15/18.
  • Burien/White Center/Riverview/Highland Park – 120 – runs every 20 Saturday – get transfer when you get on, quits downtown at 2nd & Pike/Pine so walk to first and catch 15/18.

The major transit junctions in West Seattle are at White Center, Delridge, Morgan Junction, Alaska Junction, and Admiral.  The Water Taxi is also an option and then walk up to First and catch 15/18.  To use Metro’s Trip Planner – go here: http://tripplanner.kingcounty.gov/cgi-bin/itin_page.pl?resptype=U


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